Why animal testing is necessary essay

Of the animals used, 90 percent are rats and mice James-Enger. It cannot be denied that the development of insulin was made owing to the dogs that had pancreases injected.

It is minimization of the animal testing practice by research centers, laboratories, and companies, and regulation of the affected living creatures via introducing innovative practices and improving the experimental techniques.

Animal experiments are one of the traditional approaches to studying how human and animal bodies work in health and illness and for testing medicines and chemicals.

Why Animals are Used

Products that have not undergone animal testing are generally considered as unsafe and may imperil the lives of their users.

This is just one of the situations that newer animal testing legislation would have prevented or at least deterred. Of the animals used, 90 percent are rats and mice James-Enger.

These few but important changes in animal research legislation have aided in improving animal welfare. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. On the other hand, others feel that there are good arguments against this.

Tom Regan asserts that "animals are subjects of a life just as human beings are, and a subject of a life has inherent value.

Argumentative Essay Example on Doublethink

This test is extremely painful to the animals because death can take days or even weeks. Mention the subjective opinions of the researchers and limitations of the control samples when talking about animal testing. This physical resemblance enables scientists and researchers to gather biological data and information that are needed for developing medicines.

Availability of Alternatives The progress cannot be stopped in the present-day world. What it comes down to is that there currently is no viable replacement for live, responsive cells.

Veganism as the Path to Animal Liberation. They also emphasize the benefit of saving lives owing to animal testing. Furthermore, it is subject to following strict regulations to ensure prevention of all kinds of animal mistreatment.

Indeed, possibly even a cure for cancer and AIDS. Thus, animals should be treated with the same respect as humans. Helsinki Medical Association claims that animal testing should always go before human experiments Animals get their benefits. As these alternatives progress, the number of live animals needed for testing will gradually decrease and eventually the need for them will hopefully be eliminated.

Technology, Food Safety, and the Environment. The animal tests provide data on efficacy and safety. If there is no clear criteria then it is assumed that procedures that cause pain in humans also cause pain in animals United States Department of Agriculture.

Government regulations therefore necessitates that substances should be tested on animals first before trying them on humans.

This synthetic material turns opaque when a product damages it, closely resembling the way that a real eye reacts to harmful substances.

Are animal experiments necessary and justified?

Its stance is that any testing is painful, inhumane, and unnecessary when alternatives are available. These animal models help researchers understand what happens in the body following this type of damage, and have been used in the development of new therapies.

Simply put, lab animals are a cheap, reliable source of information. Animal Testing Essay You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Another alternative to this test is a product called Eyetex.

When conducting a scientific experiment, all variables must be controlled, and running tests on random human subjects does not give reliable results.

If there is no clear criteria then it is assumed that procedures that cause pain in humans also cause pain in animals United States Department of Agriculture. The reason that animal testing is appropriate is that there are regulations in place to minimize testing and pain, the alternatives are insufficient for now, and most importantly the information obtained from experimentation is irreplaceable.

Try to explore how moral this situation is. Nevertheless, animals suffer and their agony can lead to death in some serious cases.

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While animal rights groups such as PETA advocate abolishing all animal testing that inflicts pain on animals, proponents of testing cite laws and regulations which minimize pain and discomfort. For example, it is possible to cultivate human cells and do organ replication in the laboratories to use the obtained organs for testing of biological processes.

Data from animal studies is essential before new therapeutic techniques and surgical procedures can be tested on human patients.

Argument Essay – Animal Testing is necessary Essay Sample

Computer simulation software cannot accurately predict the effects of enough situations and theoretical chemical combinations to be heavily relied on. An argument in Support of Animal Testing Essay introduction. Tests can no longer be performed if conclusive data is already available.

They can only run simulations based on information on chemicals and reactions that are already known.Animal Testing is Necessary, but Should All Testing of Pharmaceuticals be Carried Out on Animals? More about Essay on Cosmetics Testing on Animals, Is It Necessary?

Animal Testing in Cosmetics Essay Words | 5 Pages; Animal Testing - Necessary or Barbaric and Wrong? - Discursive Essay. Here you will find an example of an IELTS animal testing essay. In this essay, you are asked to discuss the arguments for and against animal testing, and then give your own conclusions on the issue.

This means you must look at both sides of the issue and you must also be sure you give your. This essay will examine the arguments for and against animal testing. On the one hand, the people who support these experiments say that we must do tests on animals. For instance, many famous lifesaving drugs were invented in this way, and animal experiments may help us to find more cures in the future.

Animal experiments are one of the traditional approaches to studying how human and animal bodies work (in health and illness) and for testing medicines and chemicals.

Why Animals are Necessary: An argument in Support of Animal Testing Essay

Scientists who use animals argue that there is currently no other way to achieve their scientific objectives, and that any pain or distress caused to the animals is outweighed. ENGL 4 May Is Animal Testing Really Necessary? Throughout the years, animal testing has played an essential role in leading to breakthrough discoveries in medicine, products, and cosmetics.

Animal testing has been around since the fifth century in order to aid in studying the human body. Animal testing essaysAnimal testing is necessary for human survival and medical research. I will give a brief background and description of animal testing, explain some of the medical advancements achieved from animal testing, and give my own opinion as to why animal testing is beneficial to humans.

Why animal testing is necessary essay
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